Dec 03

AFGE Local 2040 News

Vol. 2, No. 6

Presidentís Message

Mark McDonald, President AFGE Local 2040

In the last newsletter (Special Edition for November) I attempted to allay some fears concerning passage of the "Rumsfeld Plan" by the House and Senate. As of this writing DoD has not yet shared any documents with the Union to tell us what they are going to do.

One thing is sure, change is coming. I have posted many articles on the web site ( sharing various informed opinions as to what DoD employees can expect.

Let me repeat a bit of what was said in the last newsletter:

Some concern has been expressed about how the new law will effect the retirement plans, CRSR and FERS. Congress did NOT give DoD authority to change the retirement systems in any way.

Mike Molina (ARPC VP) and I will be attending a meeting 13-14 December to learn more about the legislation as passed by the House, Senate Conference Committee and signed by the President. Reports will be given at the December 16th Membership meeting.

Holiday Season: This time of year can prove stressful due to family expectations and financial pressures. The Employee Advisory Resource benefit is available to you and your family. Your health insurance plan may also have benefits of this nature. Donít be afraid to use these resources. They can help!

On December 10th, Union members will join civic leaders, human rights activists, and religious groups to observe the 55th anniversary of the ratification of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Integral to the landmark Declaration is the right of all people to establish unions and to bargain with their employers over workplace issues. Please join our Union Brothers and Sisters Wednesday, December 10th, 5:30pm at the Martin Luther King, Jr Memorial. Enter City Park East of 17th & York.

Web Stie: Our Web Site is part of the Councilís web site at A new members only section has been added with financial reports. As soon as Cheryl is ready we will put Membership and Eboard Meeting Minutes on the web site as approved by the membership at the October 2003 meeting. All dues paying members should now have access. If you do not, please contact me.

Snow Day Arbitration: The hearing has been completed. The legal brief for the Arbitrator is being completed. The Arbitrator has committed to a decision by 8 February 2003.

Stewards: We are looking for mature individuals who would like to learn about labor relations. Please contact one of the officers listed in the box below for more information.

Rumors: There are rumors that the House and Senate are working on Bills to get CSRS employees to retire by the end of 2003. These rumors are false and are the same old 5-5-50 and variations that we have heard of before. There are no retirement incentive Bills in Congress at this time and given immense deficits I just donít see it happening, especially from this administration.

Holiday Luncheon: Our regular Membership meeting will be combined with the annual Holiday Luncheon. The meeting will be 16 December, 11:00 in the Weber. Cheryl Brown our Secretary is working hard to make sure this will be a pleasant event. Please give her your help when asked. Thanks Cheryl!

Local 2040

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Union Office (303) 676-7140 POST 1D18

President: Mark McDonald 7304, Treasurer: John Martin 7684, Secretary: Cheryl Williamson-Brown 7908 DFAS VP Terry Cole Sr 2711, ARPC VP Mike Molina 7027, Trustee: Marian Wells; Trustee: Kelvin Booker 5169

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