Attention Federal Employees

Say Goodbye to Your Job as You Know It…and Say Hello to the Rumsfeld Plan

DoD Secretary Rumsfeld has sent legislation to Capitol Hill that would place civilian DoD employees under a completely new personnel system. Congress will start considering the legislation the week of April 28. If the Rumsfeld personnel plan becomes law, other federal agencies are likely to push for similar personnel changes. If the Rumsfeld Plan is enacted…

Say Goodbye to Your Annual Raise and Step Increases

Under the Rumsfeld Plan, your supervisor—not Congress--will decide whether you get a raise and/or step increase, and how much it will be. Their decision will be final.

Say Goodbye to Your Appeal Rights

The Rumsfeld Plan would take away your right to appeal disciplinary actions and your right to a performance improvement period if your supervisor says you are a "poor performer."

Say Goodbye to Your Collective Bargaining Rights

The Rumsfeld Plan takes away your right to bargain collectively with DoD over employment conditions and eliminates the process for resolving disputes between employees and management.

Say Goodbye to Reduction-In-Force (RIF) Protections

The Rumsfeld Plan would permit supervisors to pick and chose who gets "rifed" based on favoritism, not on seniority or merit.

Say Hello to Nepotism

The Rumsfeld Plan would take away rules against supervisors hiring and promoting family members, cronies, and political favorite.