21 APRIL 2005


Today's goal is to establish and carve out our bargaining rights under 5 CFR. Chapter 71 and apply that to every aspect of NSPS.

Reminder to all members; make appointments with your Congressional Representatives in your home state. Inform them you want to see active involvement with their names objecting to the Proposed Regulations. After last week's Government Affairs hearing on NSPS, the UDWC has been tasked to come up with solid examples of the proposals that were offered to protect employees while still meeting the Department's national security mission.

Subpart G Adverse Actions


Management states that they believe in Mandatory Removal Offense (MRO) 712, DoD claims we are far apart on this subject. Comments on MSPB review of MRO's are just as far apart. 714 issues dealing with time limits on15 day proposed notice. Proposals were submitted and discussed on 714c dealing with continued employee presence in the work place during a notice period. 715 focused on the importance of the employee opportunity to reply, time lines, extensions and due process.

Subpart H Appeals


Unions are looking for a role in appeals actions. DoD claims they are sensitive to our needs, but a lot of the comments aren't favorable and an in depth conversation does require further discussion. Follow on comments for 807k certainly need clarification especially the use and authority where MSPB, Administrative Judge or DoD appeal boards authorized by issuance's.


The coalition stated in writing it's legal position with respect to DoD & OPM's overreach and excessive latitude which exceed it's authority in the enabling law with respect to labor relations system, continuing collaboration and collective bargaining.


Subpart I Labor Management Relations


Read up on the law suit filed by the coalition over procedures at:

See the full content at:

The rest of the day was spent reviewing and going over open action items and examples. Daily phrase: "Soft skill Training": This is the ongoing pre- NSPS training at various sites by different methods. Actual NSPS training will be a formal classroom structure with face to face hands on training for both employees and supervisors. Credibility of this training is in question!

AFL-CIO Byron Charlton points out how the NSPS will have a cause and affect in the work environment that may be adversarial.

Ground rules have come to impasse The unions have reserved their rights under Chapter 71, to collectively bargain conditions of employment.