22 APRIL 2005


OPM/DoD started out by finishing Subpart I from yesterday. A recap of tabled Subparts by FMCS was done and noted. It's important to know that this process is moving and the details are still very well hidden.

OPM/DoD responded to the five Union questions from earlier this week, marked for "Official Use Only." The UDWC will take this under review and comment next week.

UDWC finally responds to the everyday comment in these talks by OPM/DoD, that being; "we are far apart on this issue". A suggestion is made to move to areas of common interest so that we can get things off the table and work towards solutions.

Concerns over our evaluation of their idea of how this NSPS program is going to be, are being addressed. Demo projects were brought up, but the process of getting information, as we all know, is slow and watered down. Reliability of survey's to sample success or failures of NSPS, is beginning to come out. Talks are moving towards smaller work groups.

Don Hale asked them how we can give proposals on substance if we don't know what's negotiable.

Dialogue is moving into expectations of the Unions perception of this presentation that will be held starting Monday. This will entail the three P's, PAY, Position Classification and Performance Management.

The UDWC also received a response letter to clarify coverage under NSPS, along with that a Spiral matrix. You should look for this on the web page soon under : Eligibility and Coverage of Bargaining Unit Employees NSPS