26 APRIL 2005



UDWC submits response to last weeks questions from the Senate Governmental Affairs Hearing!

Three Examples were given, first deployment of civilian employees either overseas to include combat zones and the other extreme of detailing employees to another state. Secondly the UDWC has recommended an independent board or a panel of arbitrators as opposed to DoD’s National Security Labor Relations Board that will be chosen unilaterally by the Secretary of Defense. Finally pay for performance and pay banding, this would include such things as the amount an annual increase within various bands for an employee, local market supplements, pay pool policies and other matters.

Change Management is in planning stages by NSPS Program Executive Officer Mary Lacey.

Subpart C.

9901.311 Major Features

Continuing yesterday’s presentation has slowed down because of greater interest in the inner workings of pay issues. Unions want to discuss collective bargaining over pay issues and examples. One example pointed out was the Newport Naval Ship yard demo in Rhode Island. OPM has made it clear that we are "far apart" and has tried to defer this issue as a statutory right that they would like to maintain under NSPS. OPM reserved their intention to collective bargain over pay. However some explanations were given on how they would use existing resources to collect data to set wages and local market supplements. Unions will maintain their role in the areas of wage surveys. Concerns of union participation under NSPS need to be stressed to Congress.

Local Market Supplements will be made at the DoD level. Commanders will not have flexibility to change pay. They will have to use their chain of command to influence higher authority to reset or restructure your pay. The problem here is going to be convincing a commander to say "DoD look at me I have a problem at my base"!

9901.361 Premium Pay

Talks began with how NSPS would like to set a reference point or percentage for pay within the pay band structure. OPM has the authority to include new premium pays.

9901.371 Conversion

OPM’s intention during the conversion is no loss of pay! To include prorating of GS’s, within grade increase (WGI) employees, or pay for anyone to including Special Salary Rate. Adjustment can be made later through implementing issuances by individual Agency’s. Job Series definitions are being revised however all employees will remain in their existing one.

Subpart D

9901.401 Performance Management

UDWC has reserved their right to comment on this issue until a future date. The presentation in this area has a lot of room for improvements. It’s clear that the majority of the UDWC has a vast experience level with all Federal Employees concerned.


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