27 APRIL 2005


Todayís meet and confer discussions began with another great morale booster when the UDWC asked DOD officials to explain what "We want to talk more" means when spoken to the UDWC. The response was "Weíre not bargaining, but that doesnít mean we canít listen to one another." Enough said.

Subpart D Performance Management


The first topic today was employee performance rating and how DOD and OPM envisioned a possible process. It was conveyed to the UDWC that multi-level rating systems were more conducive to pay-for-performance than pass/fail rating systems. When presented information pertaining to a possible process the Coalition pointed out there were no clear distinctions between some of the rating levels. DOD indicated these levels were still lacking detail and were being worked. *An attorney for the UDWC recommended a change to the presented process and this comment was received favorably by DOD.

UDWC and OPM want to maintain a system of checks and balances to maintain credibility. Stress was put on; supervisor accountability.

9901.406 / 407 / 408 / 409

Establishing framework and mechanics of the evaluation process appeared at times to move along. DOD emphasized their process was only notional and expressed their desire to hear what the UDWC had to say. UDWC emphasized there currently is in place performance evaluation systems within DOD that had been negotiated by the unions that are credible. Points were stressed the unions were not an inhibitor or had caused road blocks for management, but were able to negotiate evaluation systems simply to ensure fairness for everybody; unionized or not. *One particular system was used as an example and it was stressed by UDWC what set apart this previously negotiated performance systems vice the presented "notional" one was not pay; rather the unions were encouraged to participate in the development and implementation of a fair and credible system and that it was apparent during this process that DOD and OPM simply didnít want to negotiate. UDWC ardently stressed IT CAN BE DONE! DOD and OPM stated they wanted uniformity and applicability across DOD. They also responded by saying the UDWC made some good points and positive remarks.

Pending issuances DoD has no forecast or timetable for implementing on this subpart.

Jan 07 will be the earliest pay out under NSPS given issuances within the appraisal process.

The dangers of pay pools were recognized by DOD where appraisals come into play.

Incentive awards will still be available.

*UDWC stressed these conversations and suggestions were "What ifs". Any proposal will be in writing.

A pay issue was bought up during talks on how the pay bands are going to affect retirement due to the fact bonusís and shares arenít considered in retirement formulas.

Quote of the day: AFGEís line in the sand "No arbitration no credibility"!







APRIL 27, 2005


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