4 May 2005


At the close of Tuesday's meeting the full UDWC National Level Bargaining proposal was presented to management. This presentation will soon be available at : http://www.uniteddodworkerscoalition.org/ The UDWC will not elaborate on this until Scope of Bargaining is clear.

Subpart D 9901.406

Performance Management

Supervision and Accountability: Supervisor's as a minimum will have to be certified under NSPS prior to writing any performance appraisals. This will force the next level of management to account for them, and that their subordinate supervisors are trained. The degree of training will be more than just an online certification. Responsibilities under this program are being addressed in order to combat those managers that do not perform as expected. Also to include funding for training, proper rating and safe guards from improper supervision or lack thereof. Rating Officials must be held accountable under what the UDWC is recommending. AFGE Don Hale states "The culture of DoD employees is at risk, AFGE wants to see specific timely training before you open the door on NSPS, anything else is unacceptable" (10% decrease in pay). Cost of training has hit a nerve, there's pain in their eyes; there's no question about it, this is the wrong program at the wrong time.

DOD is in the process to modify Defense Civilian Personnel Data System (DCPDS); this will track supervisors training www.cpms.osd.mil .

Daily Quote: Pay for Patronage and Pay Banning!

UDWC opened the afternoon noting: The give and take process is very important and we want to go on record that we are tired of giving, we have a lot of questions that have been unanswered and demand to stand here and now to talk about these issues. We are tired of hearing "yeah we hear you" and then having DOD not answer direct questions when it pertains to the impact on Bargaining Unit Employees. One way conversations must stop here.

Starting with Collective Bargaining and Due Process, we must have guarantees to preserve a transparent National Security Personnel System.

  1. Scope of Bargaining must be maintained at the current level.
  2. Disputes and impasse must have a third party independent review.
  3. Sanctity of the contract. A contract is a contract is a contract. Something that an implementing issuance can not interfere with, without component level bargaining.
  4. Enforcement of contract with exclusive representation.

At this point DOD has requested a caucus to gather their thoughts (CALL FOR HELP) in order to compile some answers to move this meet and confer along. Management, upon return has agreed to respond to this request, Monday May 9th 2005.

In order to address DOD's legitimate interest under National Security the UDWC gave a well written provision called Proposal on Emergencies and Post-Implementation Bargaining to management. This will also be contingent on Scope of Bargaining

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