10 May 2005


May Day

DOD's true colors were shown in February of 2004 when they unveiled their proposed labor relations

systems to the union. In spite of what Charlie Abell called a "strategic pause" caused by the furor of

workers and the unions that represent them, today he acknowledged nothing has changed. NO to

collective bargaining and YES to management being able to override any contract or agreement by using issuances.

Taking the position of leaving those federal employees without a voice in the workplace and subject to

the shifting whims of management change, it is clear of the contempt held for employees in DOD by the designers of the National Security Personnel System.

Scope of Bargaining:


DOD and OPM haven't altered their view on Scope of Bargaining. They just finally admitted to everyone's suspicions, including Congress.


Daily quote: If I wanted to kick your ass, I would not walk away from the fight that you started!


Today marks the beginning of a new battle in the war on protecting the rights of the American workers. If you have not believed that the intent of DoD officials was to eliminate all worker rights, reality set in today. You must be PISSED OFF AND OUTRAGED at the decision to eliminate the ability of employees to have any meaningful say in how work is done. Think about what has happened.

The arrogant lack of vision and good reason abounds within the NSPS management team. They have no intention of creating a fair and workable system for federal employees. All they are intent on doing, is to follow an agenda of ridding the government of workers rights. This is not the way to create a new system that is supposed to attract and maintain the best and brightest for the defense and safety of our troops. It will only create a system that never will enjoy the believability of the system that is currently in place. There is no reason in this place and time that we should be allowing the expense of implementing a new system that will cost in the millions and millions of dollars when there is no money to spare in the country.

Today is May Day for Federal Employees!