16 May 2005


Any subpart of this letter not responded too is work in progress, DOD/OPM has been given concepts on these issues and they will soon be published as the Drafts are finalized.

DoD/OPM Responds to Union Recommendations on Scope of Bargaining

Read the response at www.afgedefcon.org ! This response includes:

  1. Emergencies and Post Implementation Bargaining
  2. Department-wide or Component-wide Issuances
  3. National Level and Multi-Unit Bargaining


UDWC responds to and expresses their concerns and disappointment to the May 10th &11th DOD/OPM response letters for the Unions. Clearly our concerns have been overlooked by the inaccurate reply that DOD submitted to us. They have not preserved the statutory rights afforded to us. Their proposed Regulation totally eliminates the statutory right to bargain, reducing the statutory scope of bargaining to zero; this is patently unlawful. The coalition’s proposal does not retain the status quo with respect to scope of bargaining; UDWC also interprets chapter 71 provisions to afford new flexibility.

New UDWC legal assertions & concepts are given to DOD/OPM

Overview is not inclusive of the entire proposals!

Subpart A General Provisions



Subpart B Classification




Subpart C Pay and Pay Administration


Subpart D Performance Management


Subpart G Adverse Actions


Subpart H Appeals


Subpart I Labor Management


Subpart K


Chapter 71 interpretations

Union takes proactive stance by interpreting abuse of Security Clearance Exemption on Bargaining Unit Employee’s.

Coming soon to a member sections only!

Quote of the day; Speech by AFGE Mark Roth to Charles Abell

AFGE reserve their thoughts on the actual content of this quote!

The minutes will reflect the brothers true feelings!

In other words DOD and OPM reads this site more then Union workers, because you get the message at home on E-mail and they haven’t a clue of the power we have. Solidarity