"NSPS Meet and Confer"

Meet and Confer will continue past the statutory 30 day minimum. DOD has graciously allowed two more days of discussion. Next meet and confer session will be June 1st and 2nd at an undisclosed location.

NO, NO, AND ONE MORE TIME, NO on bargaining. You got it, opps no you don't. DOD and the UDWC are "far apart" on what collective bargaining will look like in the department.

During discussions about "pay for patronage" specific questions about the impact that the failure of managers in completing performance appraisals and providing employees with performance standards would be dealt with. DOD said that they would consider management failures in their appraisals and performance payout considerations.

DOD still owes responses to the UDWC on a significant number of proposals submitted during the 30 day period. The UDWC questioned why DOD only responds to in-depth proposals with single sentence responses capturing only one issue contained within the comprehensive proposal.

Thanks to the hard work of members of AFGE's NSPS Task Force, a collection of the NSPS melodies (documents) has been created and saved to disc. Titled, 30 Days in Rosyln, See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Pure Evil Tour" will provide each of the Task Force members with a collection of not-nearly a hit of management double speak about how they want the new personnel system to work.