DoD Personnel Demonstration Project Best Practices – Federal Register 4/2/2003

Miscellaneous Issues

Classification System page 16124

Personnel Demonstration Project Best Practices uses OPM

occupational series and titles for allocation of positions. Allocation

of BP positions to the appropriate pay band level and supervisory pay

table uses BP criteria instead of OPM grading criteria...

Under BP, classification authority flows from the Secretary of

Defense to the Secretaries of the Military Departments, heads of the

Defense agencies, and heads of DoD Field Activities with independent

appointing authority. This authority may be redelegated.

Probationary Period page 16127

An employee on his/her initial career appointment under this authority is

appointed as a career employee subject to an initial probationary

period of up to 3 years to allow supervisors an adequate amount of time

to fully evaluate an employee's performance and conduct.

Successful Completion of a Performance Improvement Period page 16134

With regard to an employee who successfully completes a performance improvement period, management may reduce in pay, reduce in pay band level, change in position or occupational family at a lower rate of pay, or remove the employee with no additional improvement opportunity within t years following successful completion of the PIP is the employee’s performance deteriorates to an overall performance scorr less than 51 points or the employee fails to perform at an acceptable level in a performance factor. ...The employee will be given a written notice of decision to include all applicable grievance and appeal rights, as appropriate.

Revised Reduction-in-Force (RIF) Procedures pages 16134 – 36

Retention Standing – Preference eligibles with a service-connected disability of 30 percent or more and whose current performance score exceeds 50 will be listed at the top of the list for the retention level according to their tenure group in individual performance score order...Retention standing for all other employees shall be based on the following factors:



Veteran’s Preference