Current AFGE Council 171 Polls

This page allows you to directly voice your opinion to the Council. To participate, click on a question. Current poll results are displayed after submitting your opinion or if you have already participated. All responses are anonymous.

11. DFAS has decided to NOT provide Guide Books for your Health Insurance (FEHB). How do feel about this?

10. If your Congressional Representative votes to pass DoDs new pay and personnel system what will you do? Expires 20Aug03

9. Are you afraid to report problems to management for fear of retribution? Expires Never

8. Do you feel the DFAS goal is to contract-out jobs as fast as possible? Expires 20May03

7. If you were offered another Federal job would you consider leaving DFAS? Expires 20May03

6. Do you think you should get a performance bonus when you get an appraisal rating above satisfactory? Expires 20May03

5. Did management order, intimidate, or threaten you to get you to turn off your Leave and Earnings Statement print? Expires 20May03

4. Does your supervisor use intimidation, profanity, threats or bullying when dealing with his/her employees? Exipres 20May03

3. Does your supervisor give higher appraisal ratings to employees that work overtime? Expires 20May03

2. Does your lead behave as if they are a supervisor? Expires 20May03

1. Do you believe your last performance appraisal was lower than it should have been because of a DFAS appraisal quota system? Expires 19May03