This Memorandum of Agreement and DFAS Regulation 5200.9-R, as amended by this agreement, shall be the agreement for the CAC.

1. DFAS Regulation 5200.9-R is amended, as indicated below:

"C1.5.1.3. Handling complaints or issues and directing any unresolved problems to the CAC Program Manager for implementation and notifying the Local Union President (or designee) when bargaining unit employees are involved."

"C4.7. Supervisor Responsibility. The supervisor, working with the employee and Administrative Services, will determine the best possible method to get the employee to the location of the nearest DEERS/RAPIDS station. The best possible method may include use of government vehicles and/or public transportation."


2. The CAC is the standard DoD ID card, the principal card to be used to enable physical access to buildings and controlled spaces, and will be used to enable Information Technology (IT) systems and applications that access DFAS computer systems.

3. The Agency is responsible for transportation to and from the DEERS/RAPIDS station to obtain a CAC. However, with supervisory approval, the employee may elect to use their privately owned vehicle for this purpose.

4. CAC issuance will occur during an employee’s normal duty hours, while in a paid status, and will not result in a charge to an employee’s leave.

5. CAC will be issued/reissued/reset at no expense to the employee.

6. The Agency shall ensure that employee data is safeguarded in accordance with the Privacy Act, as amended.

7. The Agency will provide all necessary accommodations for usage of the CAC by disabled employees. The Agency and Union will identify special needs of employees and the Agency will provide accommodation, as appropriate, prior to use of the CAC for these individual employees.

8. Implementation of the CAC will not change the current procedures for sending/receiving non-encrypted/non-digitally signed email.

9. The Agency shall provide employees with the ability to read data on their CAC at each DFAS site.

10. Concurrent with the Agency site deployment schedule, the Agency shall upgrade/replace, as appropriate, all Agency provided computers/laptops of Union officials to ensure CAC compatibility.

11. The Agency agrees to negotiate future changes to the CAC usage, issuance, policy, regulations or employee obligations/responsibility with the Union prior to implementation, to the extent allowable by law.

12. The Agency will provide CAC issuance procedures for each site for employees to review prior to issuing/reissuing/resetting of the CAC. Local rules that conflict with DFAS 5200.9-R should be brought to the attention of the local Administrative Services Manager or Field Operations Manager for adherence to the DFAS Regulation. A hardcopy of the procedures will be made available in the Administrative Services/Field Operations office.

13. The Agency will acquire and maintain the ability to reset the CAC PIN at each DFAS site, subject to DoD approval.

14. The Agency will publish guidelines on the use of encryption.

15. The Agency will respond to requests for information pertaining to the CAC.

16. The Agency agrees to explore alternative means of computer access when CAC is unavailable.

17. The implementation of the CAC is not intended to replace the current time and attendance system. If the Agency decides to do so, the Agency will negotiate the implementation with the Union.

18. In the rare cases when discipline is imposed, the Agency will adhere to DFAS 1426.1 and the applicable collective bargaining agreements.

19. Employees will not be penalized for nonproductive time awaiting issuance/re-issuance or PIN reset of the CAC, through no fault of the their own.

20. The Agency will ensure that all employees are provided training on the proper use of the CAC.


This agreement may be amended as a result of the final decision of any negotiability appeal. This agreement shall remain in effect for three years from the date of signing, unless superceded by collective bargaining agreement or extended by mutual agreement.



Signed this date ____Dec 11, 2003______


_____________________________ _____________________________

Robert McNamara Kelley Dull

DFAS, Co-Chair AFGE Council 171