Conversion of 334 to 2210

Memorandum of Agreement (MOA)

OPM has mandated that 334 career series be converted to 2210. DFAS’s implementation of the OPM requirement will not require any employee formerly classified as a 334 to be removed from the special pay rate. Absent a unit clarification from the FLRA, nothing in the Agency’s reclassification will change the bargaining unit status of affected employees. Having received assurances from DFAS management that this conversion will be transparent to the employee AFGE Council 171 and DFAS agree to the following:

    1. Should any change in PD occur the following applies:

a. Credit for work under the former PD will be documented in the employee’s Official Personnel Folder (this includes appraisals and SF50’s).

      b. Any changes in working conditions as a result of issuance of new PD’s will be implemented consistent with local negotiated agreements.

    2. Consistent with Negotiated Agreements and the agreement reached with AFGE Council 171 (dated November 2001), should any change in Performance Plans occur, employees will be given the proposed changes and provided a reasonable opportunity to review the proposed changes and provide feedback. Management officials are encouraged to seek AFGE Council 171’s input on proposed changes to Performance Plans in accordance with the November 2001 agreement.





Signed this date:____________________





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Robert McNamara Kelley Dull

DFAS Co-Chair AFGE Council 171, Co-Chair