The Defense Finance and Accounting Service (DFAS) and American Federation of Government Employees Council 171 enter into this agreement for the purpose of establishing the DFAS Internal Placement Program and Placement Assistance List (PAL) process.

The policy of the DFAS internal placement program and PAL is to promote stability of employment for DFAS employees affected by changing workforce requirements and to promote maximum opportunity for placement in other DFAS positions.

The Policy, in general, provides for:


This MOA and PAL procedures constitute the entire agreement. Nothing in this agreement shall impede or otherwise interfere with the Union or employee’s exercise of statutory or contractual rights. The parties mutually agree that the applicable provisions of existing rules, regulation, law and the negotiated agreement shall be controlling.

This agreement will be effective upon its signing by the parties’ authorized representatives and will remain in effect until superceded by a subsequent agreement or master agreement.

Signed this date ___August 6, 2003____


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Pete Heins Kelley Dull

DFAS Labor Relations Council 171