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The American Federation of Government Employees, Council 171


On April 29, 2002, the Federal Labor Relations Authority issued the Certification of Consolidation of Units for the bargaining units identified in Case No. WA-RP-01-0021 (see attached). In order to allow for effective and efficient dealings pending the negotiation of a national collective bargaining agreement, the parties agree to the following as an interim measure to identify/clarify the appropriate bargaining level (national or local):

National-Level Bargaining:

Pilot or Prototype Example(s):

National –Level Bargaining: EDM; multiple site Implementation plan.

Local Bargaining: CR Rock Island Prototype because expanded implementation was not pre-determined.

Local Bargaining:

In order to facilitate consistency, copies of any local party’s proposals to make changes on matters affecting working conditions, personnel policies, practices, or conditions of employment, or to bargain over such changes, will be forwarded to the DFAS Arlington Labor Relations Office and the President of AFGE Council 171. This is for information purposes only. This information gathering process will not affect the party’s obligation to bargain local issues, nor will it impede or delay local bargaining.

The terms of this agreement are effective from the date of signature, until superseded by a national collective bargaining agreement.





Signed Copy (pdf)

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Kelley Dull, President AFGE Darryl Roberts, DFAS Labor

Council 171 Relations Officer


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Upon receiving a overwhelming majority of concurrences for the Bargaining Level MOA, it has been agreed to by both the Council and HQ, signed and forwarded back to HQ.