May 08, 2002



From: Kelley Dull, President, American Federation of Government Employees

National Council # 171, P.O. Box 8599, Kansas Mo. 64114

To: Lee Krushinski, Director, Accounting Business Line, Defense Finance and

Accounting Service, 1240 E Ninth Street Cleveland, Oh 44199-2055

Subj.: Demand for Substantive Impact Bargaining.

Ref: (A) Section 7114 (a)(1) of 5 U.S.C.

In accordance with the reference (A), you are hereby notified; National Council 171 respectfully demands an opportunity for substantive impact bargaining. This request is based on the newly developed performance standards connected to the Balance Scorecard in the Cleveland Accounting Business Line due for implementation in and around June 01, 2002.

It is our opinion; these newly developed generic performance standards along with the statement of expectation will adversely impact the bargaining unit.

In accordance with past practices we further request a 30-day delay on the implementation of these performance standards.

In addition, we request copies of all performance standards management intends to implement along with the statement of expectation or any attachment in connection with the Balance Scorecard standards.

Please respond by May 14, 2002.

The POC for this issue is the undersigned.



Kelley Dull


National Council # 171