October 17, 2002



From: Kelley Dull, President, American Federation of Government Employees

National Council # 171, P.O. Box 8599, Kansas Mo. 64114

To: Darryl Roberts, Labor Relations, Cooperate Resources Business Line, Defense

Finance and Accounting Service, 1931 Jefferson Davis Highway, Arlington,

VA 22240-5291.

Subj.: Demand for Substantive Impact Bargaining.

Ref: (A) Section 7114 (a)(1) of 5 U.S.C.

In accordance with the reference (A), you are hereby notified; National Council 171 respectfully demands an opportunity for collective bargaining. This request is based on the newly proposed movement of the Moving and Storage employees at the DFAS Rome site from 3-FORSCOM to Section 1-TRADOC.

National Council demands bargaining to the fullest extent required and permitted by law over any changes in working conditions, personnel policy, practices, procedures, or conditions of employment regarding this move.

Please respond by October 21, 2002.

The POC for this issue is the undersigned.



Kelley Dull


National Council # 171