This is to advise you that the National AFGE Council of DFAS Locals (AFGE DFAS Council 171) intends to demand to bargain to the fullest extent required and permitted by law over any changes in working conditions, personnel policy, practices, procedures, or conditions of employment of bargaining unit employees regarding the Army Operating and Sustaining Forces Study and subsequent results of the study within DFAS. We remind you of your obligation to notify the Union before any such changes are made or discussed with bargaining unit employees and to do so early enough in the process for us to determine whether or not we wish to request bargaining and for us to formulate our proposals. This includes providing us with the information we need to make our decisions.
Of course, in the spirit of our Labor-Management Partnership, we certainly expect to be involved in the process before management's final decision is made. As always, we intend to utilize interest-based process in our bargaining as much as is feasible.
Please ensure that management understands their obligation to notify the Union timely of proposed changes that affect the bargaining unit, to provide necessary information, to refrain from discussing or disseminating information or changes with employees or implementing changes until the Agency has fully discharged its obligation to bargain with the Union.
In Partnership
Kelly Dull, President