Information Paper on Detail

This provides general information on details. A detail is a temporary assignment to a different position or list of duties for a specified period of time. The employee continues to hold the position from which detailed and keeps the same grade, status and pay.

Time limited action

Different classified position

Set of unclassified duties

Specific temporary project

Specific temporary need

Not to exceed date

Lasts duration of need

Usually more than 30 days

Increments of 120 days

There is no set time limitation for details, however, details for more than 120 days to higher graded duties, must be made under competitive procedures



Specialized experience:

Generally, employees do not need to meet qualification requirements for the position to which detailed. However, for professional positions, employees must meet any minimum education, licensure, and certification requirements only, (e.g. Accountant positions – employees must possess the minimum 24 semester hours of accounting courses).

Either as an extension of employee’s official position of record

Or as experience gained on detail itself

~ whichever is most beneficial to the employee

Remains the same

No adverse impact, e.g. within grade increases continue on schedule