MANAGEMENT TEAM MEMBERS: Bob McNamara; Sally Smith; Carolyn Howell; George John; Joe Childers; Lee Etter; Pablo Rodriguez; Pete Heins; Teresa Briley, Darryl Roberts; Debra Williams;

UNION TEAM MEMBERS: Brenda Adrine; Ernest Smith; Kelley Dull; Faye Williams; Rodney Badley; Marilyn Hicks; Ron Coe; Cassandra Williams; Charles Coates; Charles Warlick; Frank Rock.

NOTETAKERS: Angela Beltowski and Donna Wayne.


For the record:

Given the fact that we only know of 1 grievance at the Columbus Center and that our workers want this to happen. I would like to propose that our partners list their concerns, impediments, and objections, etc, using IBB to address the issues. (Pablo)


CSU Director to identify the POC for training)

For the record:

The parties agreed that in those instances where system failure occurs that affects Resumix the servicing CSU will broadcast a site wide e-mail notice as well as notify the local union. (Ron Coe)

For the record:

The January 30, 1998, MOU between AFGE Local 2904 and DFAS-KC is not substantively impacted by management’s proposal under the Resumix Expansion Plan to move the Resumix System from Kansas City to the RSC in Indianapolis. Kansas City’s Human Resources Office will continue to have an obligation to comply with the MOU after Resumix is transferred to the RSC. (Lee Etter)


  1. Required training will take place and refresher training will be available.
  2. Kansas City has computer-based training, Cleveland has a video and the other sites are doing live based training. George will find out if their computer training can be sent out to other sites.
  3. There are two components to Resumix training, how to use Resumix and how to write a resume.
  4. Initial training prior to implementation (close to implementation as possible to make it effective).
  5. Training will occur 30 days prior to implementation. It’s approximately a 3 hour training class.
  6. How many employees can be trained at one time? Varies-depends on site capabilities and type of training.


Initial training will be given within 30 days prior to implementation. Refresher training can be requested and will be given when needed with supervisor approval. (Agreement)

Site Selection

  1. The site selection question. There was no criteria used other than possibly size of site. RSC needs to phase in the workload. San Diego and Pensacola are included in the 1st round.
  2. Further expansion (move the process) from Kansas City to the RSC.
  3. Possibly add sites to phase one.
  4. Delete Kansas City from phase one and move to phase two.
  5. Oakland is a satellite of the San Diego and is included with them on implementation. (Charles Coates)

For the record: Employees can request and receive a list of their skills sets, pulled from their resume. (Agreement)

Move to Phase One Implementation

Indy – Remainder of positions

Cleveland – San Diego, Oakland, Charleston

Arlington – GS-14’s and above

Denver – field sites Omaha, Limestone and San Bernardino

Lexington, St. Louis and Lawton

Move to Phase Two Implementation

Kansas City move to RSC


All remaining sites and positions

Crediting Plan

  1. A crediting plan within Resumix to include appraisals, awards, education. If not possible, staffing Specialist looks at and considers. (Union)
  2. Management has a right to decide what skills are being looked for (Management Reply).
  3. The union has decided to withdraw crediting plan as a concern.


  1. Survey is in the process of being developed (possibly done by end of month).
  2. Will be an electronic survey. Will go to all sites/positions that are under resumix.
  3. The council will get a copy of the survey prior to sending to bargaining unit employees (Agreement)
  4. Council will receive a copy of the results. (Agreement)


Council addressed all concerns and reached agreement to implement Resumix as revised in Phase One and Phase Two Implementation scheduled identified above. Training will be provided prior to implementation. Additionally, we agreed to continue I&I as issues arise.



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Ernest Smith Robert McNamara

President, AFGE Council 171 Management Co-Chair DFAS/AFGE

National Negotiating Team