MANAGEMENT TEAM MEMBERS: Bob McNamara; Sally Smith; Carolyn Howell; George John; Joe Childers; Lee Etter; Pablo Rodriguez; Pete Heins; Teresa Briley, Darryl Roberts; Debra Williams;

UNION TEAM MEMBERS: Brenda Adrine; Ernest Smith; Kelley Dull; Faye Williams; Rodney Badley; Marilyn Hicks; Ron Coe; Cassandra Williams; Charles Coates; Charles Warlick; Frank Rock.

NOTETAKERS: Angela Beltowski and Donna Wayne.

Working Group

For the Record: (previous language proposed by Bob McNamara is rewritten below)

The DFAS/AFGE National Council renews its long-established commitment to employee involvement in establishing or modifying performance standards. We also recognize the added value the input of AFGE represents to management in developing effective and meaningful performance standards for bargaining unit employees.

To that end, we encourage the input of AFGE officials in the development of performance standards for bargaining unit employees. This voluntary, cooperative approach provides managers with the flexibility to determine the method and scope of union input to achieve the objective of this endorsement.

For the Record: This will be a joint statement issued by the chairs as written.

IT Policy

Balance Scorecard

For the record:

It is agreed that will negotiate any changes in working conditions that result from the Balance Scorecard as we always have.

IT Policy

For the Record: After reviewing the packet we have identified 5 concerns that they have at this time. The most recently updated was on November 2, 2001, that was not included. Information Assurance has been on the agenda for A-46 team and Bob Campbell said, "there was no information." Would like to start on this first thing in the morning.

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Ernest Smith Robert McNamara

President, AFGE Council 171 Management Co-Chair DFAS/AFGE

National Negotiating Team