MANAGEMENT TEAM MEMBERS: Bob McNamara; Sally Smith; Carolyn Howell; George John; Joe Childers; Lee Etter; Pablo Rodriguez; Pete Heins; Teresa Briley, Darryl Roberts; Debra Williams;

UNION TEAM MEMBERS: Brenda Adrine; Ernest Smith; Kelley Dull; Faye Williams; Rodney Badley; Marilyn Hicks; Ron Coe; Cassandra Williams; Charles Coates; Charles Warlick; Frank Rock.

NOTETAKERS: Angela Beltowski and Donna Wayne.


Agree that the language as written will go out by e-mail to all employees.


For the Record: As far as 80001.R we would like to accept as is with the understanding that as issues arise we will be able to negotiate and that we will get all information as it becomes available. It is agree that all items up for negotiation will be identified and sent in a separate e-mail so that there will be no confusion.

Delinking Awards

Language is on the table for Business Line executives written by Pete.

De-linking Checklist


1st para - None

BLE’s, SSE’s, Directors of the HQ’s Elements

1st Bullet:

Change to read, "not earlier than the beginning of rating period and NLT 60 days after start of rating period."

2nd Bullet:

Change – "DFAS/AFGE Council 171

Executive Board…"

Change 30 days to "45 days"

3rd Bullet

Change to: "choosing NLT 30 days prior to implementation."

Add: "BLE’s/SSE’s and Director’s of the HQ’s Elements"

4th Bullet

Delete "Upon request…"

Change to: "AFGE president or designee"

5th Bullet:

Delete – "business line"

Change "training" to "instruction"

Delete "strategies"

6th Bullet

Delete "must"

Add to Cover & add as last Bullet: Deviation from the checklist requires Council Approval. Contact Headquarters Corporate Management Services, Labor Relations.





__________________________ ______________________________

Ernest Smith Robert McNamara

President, AFGE Council 171 Management Co-Chair DFAS/AFGE

National Negotiating Team