Introduction of team. Bob McNamara said a few words about group. Our partnership is important now more than ever. Bob McNamara is the spokesperson for Mgmt for the Mgmt/Union Council. Local demands to bargain, with the consolidation, there is no recognition (per Darryl). Kelley stated she is glad that the authority has been clarified. Darryl- Darryl, Teresa, and Pete are the local designees for local issues. That does not mean that they will necessarily be the sole negotiators on local issues. Mgmt will name their team as the union does. There is no local autonomy per Darryl and no local agreements are recognized unless authority has been assigned down to local level. The Council needs in writing from Mr Bloom who he has delegated authority to. Darryl will take to Management, Kelley will follow up.


How did the agenda in the Mgmt provided books come about? Answer: By the working group and e-mails between Kelley and Management. Some items were taken off by Management.

Ground Rules:

There was a disagreement that ground rules had ever been negotiated for the Council. Union position is that it was never put in writing about it. We are going to do the ground rules for this session only. Darryl sent out what he had as the prior sessions ground rules. Passed out copies of Union proposal given to Management team. Caucus by Management to review proposal.

Management believes that we already have ground rules set for this session. Recommend that the session continues with the ground rules already agreed to. Ground rules went away with the consolidation and we need to negotiate. Darryl thought that the verbal agreement was done between himself and Kelley sometime between July and Aug. The working group never discussed the ground rules. Operating under existing standard ground rules from prior sessions. Until we agree to something else we have what we have.

Caucus by Union.