Negotiation Session 9/18/02

Management Caucus

Union caucus to go over proposal.

Agreed to go through proposals as a group. Discussion.

Pete is going to do the butcher block to list major differences or problems with ground rules.

Expiration date was changed as with the ability to extend out the date.

Added ground rules do not apply to collective bargaining agreement.

Broke for lunch. 12:05

Restart using IBB:


What needs to be achieved?

Joint labor/mgmt team to negotiate mutual interests and concerns (union).

Establish rules to conduct negotiations (both).

Language: To establish rules for joint labor/management negotiations on issues and concerns that impact the terms and conditions of employment.


(M) Having to go through this process again.

(U) To be locked into something that doesnít work for us.

  1. Who will these ground rules be applied to?

(M) Expectations of this group

(B) What situations will it address?

(U) Council vs Local negotiation interests of negotiation ground rules.

(B) Duration or term of the ground rules

(B) Exclusions


Briefing on Draft Pay Guide

Credit given for experience while on temp promotion for more than a year. C2.5.4.1

Will be used with all employees. This is not discretionary. Management would have to do something to stop career ladder promotions. An error on the part of Supervisor or HR to slow a promotion will not keep the employee from getting the promotion retroactive. The CSU director grants approval. Working to get one CSU. All federal agencies have pay guides. Authorities are given and then the agency must create policies to apply authority. Most of pay guide is examples, itís not a big as it looks. The new benefits will not be retroactive. Itís effective when itís effective. Pay banding is not part of this policy. The reference is only for the CSU to determine how to decide what grade an employee should fall into.

334 conversion to 2210

DOD required change. As of Jan 1, 03 their special salary rate will drop off. At that point it will not be recognized as special pay rate category. 334ís not qualified for 2210 positions. Some possibility that if you were doing something in systems it does not mean you will qualify for the more specific jobs in 2210. Employees having to do background checks for higher security clearance. That is a security issue that cannot be addressed by them. There is no change to the job description. No change in access whatsoever. Just series and title has changed.

Back to Ground Rules:


(U) Who has binding authority? Both sides.

(M) Why do we need it in the ground rules?

(U) How is it delegated? Both sides.

(M) Limitation of Management right

(U) Negates circumvention of authority

(U) Why would the agency have a problem with identifying the authority?

(U) Jeopardizing the legality of decisions reached.

(M) Memorializing the agreement.

(U) Enforceability in court

Put in parking lot.

Would a copy of the letter making Bob the head of the management negotiation team put to rest this issue? It would help. The union requests that a copy of the case law be given that shows that this is an infringement of managementís right to assign work.

Kelley agreed to accept the language provided by management, with possible future revisit.