Negotiation Session Sept 19, 2002

Suggestion made that we stay late tonight to make sure we get through some of this. We will still meet in the morning but some will need to leave early to catch flights.

Back to ground rules:


(M) Date to reconvene

(M) Length of session

(M) Flexibility- urgent issues/business

(U) Finishing agenda items, if unfinished when left table will return sooner than 6 months to address

(U) Starting and Stopping times

Work outside normal 8 hour workday

Begin and end times

(U) Funding of travel and entitlements

Official time

(U) When bargaining takes place

Dates of negotiations

When decision will be made

(U) Timeliness on getting us orders admin. issues

Two week advance notice for urgent requests to bargain by mangement.

Language: Dates, duration, and daily scheduling of negotiation session will be determined by the co-chairs. The team will be provided two weeks advance notice prior to convening any urgent meeting necessary. In the event of problems with official time release procedures, such problems will be elevated to the co-chairs for resolution.


(U) Equal numbers

(U) Notification process of changes in makeup of team

(U) Who determines # of participants

(U) Who has authority to appoint members?

(B) Need for IBB training

Timeliness & funding issue

(B) Stability of team- will it change every time we meet, minimize turnover

(B) Controlling cost

(M) Reason for increases over ten

Compelling reason to increase number of members

(M) Commitment authority of members for agreements

(M) Is ten the right # of members per side

Language: The team will be comprised of union and management representatives not to exceed 10 participants for each party. The parties agree that all representatives are trained in and committed to interest-based bargaining principles. The parties shall be responsible for appointing their respective team members.


  1. Who establishes agenda

(B) Working group

(M) Articulation of item- details of issue, preparation

(M) Role of working group

(U) Information sharing, all pertinent documentation


It is agreed that open and honest communication is essential for the prompt and expeditious resolution of issues/problems. It is also understood that the mutual identification of each other’s interests and concerns in development of the meeting agenda will facilitate the bargaining process. The co-chairs or their designee’s will normally establish and charge an advance team for the development of the agenda, to assist in compiling supporting documentation, providing administrative support, and any other duties as defined by the co-chairs. The advance team will normally meet no later than four weeks prior to the next scheduled negotiation session.


We donated approx. 22 hours to the agency on preparation time this last weekend. When preparing for negotiation we will be on official time. Used language proposed by management without the final sentence.


Proposal to keep both sets of notes and sign off on both as the official note. The co-chairs would settle any disputes with notes. One set of notes is wanted by group.