From: Kelley Dull, President AFGE Council 171
Sent: Thursday, January 16, 2003 11:50 AM
Subject: Bargaining Council President's meeting w/NEC

This past weekend I attended a Strategic Planning Session with the Bargaining Council Presidents, DEFCON Leadership, the NEC, National staffers and 5 local presidents.  The purpose of the meeting was to continue planning the direction of AFGE in relation to budget recommendations, to voice concerns and identify priorities for the coming year.
Met with the Bargaining Council Presidents all day Friday and discussed issues of concern and came up with our recommendations to the NEC.
Then spent Saturday and Sunday with the large group (with the aid of facilitators) structuring and defining priorities on all levels of the organization.  For those that attended the Leadership Conference in Chicago, this was much like that only on a smaller scale. 
Several items came out of the meeting and are listed below:

Below are action items needed to accomplish these issues:

This is just a quick synopsis of the meeting, the NEC went on to meet and prioritize the budget on Monday & Tuesday, I had to leave and come home Monday but several stayed for the meeting.  I have a conference call with Bobby Harnage and the DEFCON group this afternoon to discuss DEFCON's budget (they have budgeted several grassroots training sessions for this coming year for DOD locals but are expanding to include Bargaining Council reps).
I need each local to appoint and identify a communications coordinator and legislative coordinator.  I am also looking for volunteers for the Council Communications and Legislation Coordinators (must have personal e-mail accounts and be willing to donate many personal hours to this endeavor) .  Also need each local to begin collecting personal e-mail addresses of members.   Please let me know (through the RVP) of each local's appointments as soon as possible.
As you know the Legislative conference is in a couple of weeks and this would be a good time to get these individuals started.  There is also a DEFCON meeting the 2 days prior to the Leg. conf.  Additionally the DEFCON is coordinating a National plan to hold something in March.  More info on that to follow on home e-mails. I have been named the communications coordinator for DEFCON and will disseminate info accordingly.
As you can see, the need for us to communicate on non-government computers is essential.   
Also, the Council has developed a website for members to access where we intend to post alot of information.  the address is :  Mark McDonald is working on this webpage and will take comments/suggestions @  My e-mail on the website is