Rescind the Port Deal

by Hugh Hewitt

BusinessWeek reports on the opposition to the sale fo six U.S. port operations contracts to a firm owned by the United Arab Emirates,Dubai Ports World, by New York Governor Pataki and Maryland Governor Erlich.

The political team inside the White House and the RNC must also have noted
the oppposition voiced by new New Jersey Senator Robert Menendez, an indication that Democrats see an opportunity to get some traction on a national security issue as the November elections approach.

The idea that an Arab country with an
active al Qaeda organization, even when that country is a strong ally of the US as the UAE is, can be trusted to operate a border facility of enormous complexity and thus vulnerability cannot be sold to the public or defended as a thoroughly vetted for security concerns. Dubai POrts World, if successful int he acquisition, would instantly become a focus of terrorist ambition and attempted infiltration.

It is a long war, and even our allies in the Muslim world have to understand that homeland security will interfere with the otherwise ordinary flows of commerce.

The Bush Adminsitration needs to back away from this deal as quickly as possible.