BPA Worries Food Manufacturers

Reported by: Aniseh Ebbini - First Baptist Rodgers

Wednesday, Mar 3, 2010 @06:28pm

More and more food manufacturers say they're trying to get rid of a toxic substance called Bisphenola - or BPA. It's found in certain types of food packagin, along with other plastics. BPA was approved by the Food and Drug Administration 50 years ago and it's been in our food supply ever since. It wasn't until last month that the agency even acknowledged that the chemical could be poisonous. Studies show that BPA is toxic in low doses, and that its already in most of us. The Centers for Disease Control found the chemical in 93 percent of the Americans they tested. Last year, the cord blood of 10 newborn babies was tested. BPA was present in 9 of them - that shows that this chemical crosses the placenta and enters children even before birth. Studies show that BPA puts people at higher risks for heart attack, diabetes, reproductive problem, and recurrent miscarriages. Manufacturers are still struggling to get it out of our food supply, because BPA hides in many places; hard plastics, the liners of food cans, and even on paper receipts.