News for 14 June 2004
  • On Monday, June 7th, 41 unions representing DoD employees met with DoD and OPM officials concerning the NSPS. This meeting was the result of the extensive grassroots mobilization effort undertaken by the unions and the solidarity of the 41 unions in forcing DoD to withdraw their February draft of their proposed labor relations system for NSPS. While DoD firmly expected to establish a process in which they would seek union input, the unions expected confirmation that certain assurances provided to NP John Gage and AFL-CIO President John Sweeney, were understood. "We start with a clean piece of paper" said Charlie Abell, he added "We have a new team and new approach". While DoD sought implementation of some team based process for further discussion, the unions held firm that until trust and a mutual understanding of the problems that DoD hopes to correct, and with a firm understanding and respect for principles the union holds dear, the group will continue to meet in general session. The next meeting will be held June 29th. The DoD Union Coalition plans on meeting June 28th to review and discuss DoD's list of problems they see with the current system.
  • Privacy group sues TSA, Justice over airline passenger data
  • House panel releases details on defense spending bill
  • President Bush's Eulogy at Funeral Service for President Reagan
  • President Bush Salutes Remembers President Reagan in Radio Address

Minutes From May 2003 EBiz/EDM/CLC ULP Settlement Negotitations

  • Tuesday 25 May 2003
  • Wednesday 26 May 2003
  • Thursday 27 May 2003
  • Friday 28 May 2003
  • Proposed Contract Language from 27 & 28 May 2003
  • Electronic Document Managment MOA 26 May 2004
  • Career Learning Center MOA 27 May 2004